To operate a client-centered, safety-driven, professional, and profitable construction firm that markets, designs, and constructs commercial and industrial projects at the highest level of efficiency and quality. We work to uphold a reputation for total client satisfaction, unquestionable integrity and dominance in our unique market position. We create a stimulating environment for a well-trained and tenured team that rewards innovation, growth and virtue. We will be the pinnacle of comparison.


A company driven to excellence through safety, integrity, and innovation to produce quality products.


  • We value our clients and their right to be completely satisfied with our products and services.
  • We value ethical business practices and our reputation for the highest quality.
  • We are committed to safety as it benefits our employees, our clients and the overall well-being of our company.


Ironwood Construction Company promotes a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. Our work environment allows our company a sense of well being and comfort, a more productive and profitable workforce, and creates more benefits for our employees. Ironwood actively maintains an Accident Prevention and Personnel Safety Program. Our resolve to maintain a safe and healthy work place for all employees demands strict compliance with these policies, and are a condition of employment with Ironwood Construction Company. We adhere to the highest industry regulations of employee safety and training.

backgroundWe proudly exceed AVETTA and ISNetworld’s rigorous standards and annual monitoring of safety, hiring, and OSHA and MSHA metrics to meet contractor qualification requirements. These standards are consistently upheld at the highest level to assure health and safety of our employees, our client’s employees and our environment.

Ironwood Construction Company is a Drug-Free Workplace and an Equal Opportunity Employer.